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Are CBD Oil products banned by the PGA Tour?

CBD and hemp oil products have become quite popular these days for aiding in medical related issues such as pain. However, despite all the hype and the fact that several states in the United States have legalized this substance which derives from the cannabis plant there is still a stigma that can come from using it, and a glaring example of this is with the PGA Tour, where it is now becoming questionable whether a golf player should be allowed to use a CBD oil product.

The cloud over the use of CBD related products has some notable golf players such as Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy have openly admitted that they are wary of taking such products despite the fact that it is now legal to do so for medical purposes. Turns out these two men have cause for alarm. Despite the fact that CBD oil is legal, there can still be trace amounts of the substance known as THC in the products which aren’t legal on the tour and could lead to someone being banned.

That is exactly what happened to two times PGA champ Matt Every, who recently was banned from the PGA tour for 3 months after he failed a routine drug test. Every went on record as stating that the CBD oil that caused him to test positive was prescribed by his doctor for medical-related reasons. Despite his protests, the ban has stuck and has now led to the debate of whether CBD related products should be used by golfers on the tour, and whether PGA needs to rethink this stance. As things stand the PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan intends to stand with the guidelines by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The PGA tour began drug testing its athletes in 2008 in an effort to get golf added as a sport during the Summer Olympic Games. So, it looks as if for the foreseeable future golfers may need to heed to the warning of Speith and McIlroy, that although CBD is legal and something we now use for medical purposes while being on the PGA tour using such a product may not be advisable. At least not for now, but perhaps years from now when more of the stigma is taken off things will be different and CBD Oil will be accepted more freely.

Totally Legit

Depending on your generation, you may be familiar with the terms sess, skunk, chocolate thai, chronic, and many others. Much like the success of the World Wide Web we never saw this legal use of marijuana coming. We also never really cared what THC or CBD was. Well, times have really changed and so has a holistic approach to modern medicine.

Since the legalization of marijuana (medicinal or recreational) dispensaries have popped up just about everywhere. This has also spawned a likeness or preference for the use of CBD oils (Cannabidiol or cannabinoid). We have become acquainted with the many benefits of CBD oil within the past 10 years. In business, integrity and transparency are highly important when it comes to our health, our identity, and our overall well-being.

A recent CBD investigation on FOX 11 news with Bill Melugin, found that out of 13 CBD products only one had exactly what was advertised on the label. Others contained potentially dangerous levels of ethanol. One tested positive for E. Coli and in five others no CBD was detected at all. This would certainly spark interest and concern since CBD is still unregulated at the federal level.

Many businesses/corporations take their reputation very seriously. Where others just set out to make money and attempt to beat the system. This is certainly not the story for CBD Unlimited formerly Endexx Corporation (OTC: EDXC). Founder and CEO Todd Davis is on a mission to improve quality of life by unlocking this new frontier of natural healing and doing so legitimately.

This would be one of the primary explanations to why the company has retained such a high profile law firm like Baker/Hostetler, to oversee the process of their Form 10 IPO filing. Another very good reason is that this company started as Endexx Corporation and would like a new stock issuance under their current name CBD Unlimited.

Compliance with laws and regulation is critical to their success especially in this controversial industry. The Securities and Exchange Commission requires companies with over $10 million in total assets and 750 or more shareholders to file a form 10. A form 10 IPO is an easier alternative than filing a traditional IPO. A traditional IPO could take up to nine months for a company to go public and begin issuing shares.

What is an IPO? Initial Public Offering. When a business decides to go public as a corporation, they then have the option to sell stocks/shares of their corporation as a means of raising capital to finance operations. Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages. Although, this easier alternative may be less time consuming and more costly for CBD Unlimited, the key is that they retained a law firm that has won cases against the U.S. Department of Commerce.

This is clearly a situation where CBD Unlimited wants to assure that they are recognized as a legal corporation and in full compliance of these fairly new laws for this industry.

First ever CBD manufacture to partner up with USA Triathlon

Yes, you heard it here first. CBD manufacture Pure Spectrum, which is based out of Evergreen, Colorado is partnering up with the USA Triathlon. Pure Spectrum is already known for sponsoring more than 100 professional athletes throughout the sports industry today. The sports industry can be a wise investment for natural CBD based products. With athletes pushing themselves to the limits, and beyond. This will be a big new world for athletes and CBD to work together with great benefits.

As more and more athletes become aware of the benefits of using CBD for its natural benefits. While experiencing many forms of pain they endure under these intense physical activities. Recovery and pain relief is also a focus for them. While performing at peak levels of their athleticism there is the afterthought of recovery with post-performance. You want to seek quick recoveries while reducing the levels of pains you might be experiencing. Lower the pain levels will mean the quicker they can bounce back into action.

Over the past few years, the FDA has been slowly approving more CBD products that can be used for medicinal purposes. The benefits of CBD use are still increasing each day. Pure Spectrum is also committed to crafting the highest quality hemp-derived products possible. With them taking no shortcuts when it comes to their strict farming methods, to their processing, extensive formulating and product testing. It’s also good to know that Pure Spectrum uses strict third-party testing and protocols to assure their products are as pure as possible for their customers.

With more national sports groups like the NFL, FIFA, NBA, NHL for example. They are starting to become aware of the benefits of CBD. How it’s helping their athletes with recovery and pain reduction. As of right now, we can see that the USA Triathlon and Pure Spectrum CBD will be partnered up through 2023. A much brighter future for athletes and CBD.

Megan Rapinoe enters CBD industry

Megan Rapinoe is one of the best soccer players in the United States and now she has become more popular by entering CBD industry with help and advice from her twin sister which is actually the CEO of Mendi. Mendi is a company that sells CBD products and is now targeting athletes so they can treat ther pain and recovery injuries by using this type product. Megan Rapinoe has been very supportive towards this products and agrees completely that CBD products have a high impact when treating pain making recovery easier and less painful.

CBD is becoming more and more popular in all the United States, even in some states recreational marihuana is already legal and more accepted by people. CBD must not be confused with marihuana, CBD is a chemical compound found in marihuana.

Megan Rapinoe has partnered with Mendi to promote CBD products as a natural way to treat pain and even though she knows that this will bring controversy because of this type of product she is promoting and has been using during her career. Megan Rapinoe is always making bold moves and she’s definitely known for being brave to talk about controversial issues like feminism and LGBTQ rights. Megan Rapinoe is not afraid of what people might say or think about her, she always tries to speak for herself and for others.

Rachel Rapinoe is Megan’s twin sister who is actually the CEO of Mendi has convinced Megan Rapinoe to become a partner which she actually accepted and is now promoting CBD as a natural option to treat pain and injury recovery targeting athletes like herself. Megan Rapinoe has also invites other athletes to join and promote CBD products and there’s rumors that more athletes will be part of this company.

What Would Change if the NFL Legalized CBD

The Seahawks seem to be having a good year, but could they have a better season if they legalized the use of CBD in the League? Lofa Tatupu says they would. He claims he would consider coming out of retirement. Lofa was a Seahawk superstar from 2005-2010. He is now approaching forty years old and claims he physically is feeling so good he and would consider a come back. His career was cut short from injuries, including multiple concussions. He has been taking CBD and claims he feels better now than ever in his life. If he is truly feeling that well then it should be no surprise that he has started his own company called Zoneln CBD.
The Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp cultivation legal in the country, but the FDA has not approved it. The PGA and pro tennis allow players to use CBD. However, the NFL, MLB, and NHL have not embraced the idea. Yet, many NBA players are utilizing CBD as part of their fitness program.
There is a list of retired professional athletes that are public advocates of CBD. Also included is a list of them that are also as owners, stockholders, and spokespersons for CBD Companies. Lofa Tatupa coming out of retirement to play for the Seahawks again is an exciting proposition. CBD is making these athletes feel as good as ever. Leagues that legalize CBD could bring back some favorite legends. What a better way to market feeling good than getting back out on the field again and having a great season.

How CBD Pain Creams Are Helping People Make It Through The Day

CBD creams are useful when it comes to stopping your muscles from aching; however, there are far more CBD products available than just creams. Every Day Optimal has worked hard to ensure individuals suffering from pain have an array of choices when it comes to their products. They currently offer gummies, tinctures, and CBD products for your pets as well. The goal of the company is to offer their products at an affordable price, yet they do not skimp on quality when it comes to the products they offer.

The quality of hemp that is used to manufacture CBD products is very important. If the hemp is not grown organically, then there is the worry that the product will be loaded with toxins such as heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides. However, this is not a worry when it comes to the products that Every Day Optimal produces. The latest cream has been carefully designed to offer pure CBD as well as natural ingredients; these ingredients are known to relieve pain and reduce inflammation as well as offer anti-aging properties.

When you use this cream to alleviate pain, it is necessary to keep in mind that you will feel a tingling sensation upon application; this sensation is due to the menthol in the CBD cream. The cream is thick, however, it absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy mess as some creams are known to do. If you have suffered from burning skin that often feels dry, then this CBD cream may be just the product you are looking for. After all, a cream that is hydrating, reduces pain and inflammation, and is known to stop aches and pains in its tracks is always a prime choice for any person suffering from pain on a regular basis.

When you choose products from Every Day Optimal, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that is naturally sourced, has been carefully designed to offer the best pain relief, and will not leave you feeling sticky and greasy. There has never been a better way to soothe your aching muscles after a day at the gym, and the latest CBD cream has been designed with you in mind. If you have been looking for pain relief will non-psychoactive properties, then Every Day Optimal has a variety of options to suit your needs.

CBD – Life Changing, Mentally and Physically

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as “CBD” is a natural compound found in the flower of cannabis. The use of CBD is not the same as smoking marijuana, it is a therapeutic, natural derivative that comes from the cannabis family. To be clear, it’s use is phenomenally helpful in many areas of physical, and emotional medical issues. It is “non-psychoactive” meaning it relieves the medical symptoms without the “high” associated with cannabis. The benefits one can reap by using CBD are proving to be extraordinary and actually suggested by more and more physicians.

CBD has proven to relieve anxiety and depression by helping the user relax, get a better night’s sleep which is imperative to these types of disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder has also been a claim to the relief of such an emotional battle.
Of course. the CBD industry is flourishing as it is being used in such areas of drug-resistant epilepsy, chronic pain, alleviate cancer related symptoms, along with a plethora of other physical related issues such as arthritis, sclerosis, and the list goes on. The benefits seem endless, and both the Mental Health field, along with the Medical field agree.

Anxiety is a disorder that is more common than most would know, and misunderstood. This is within the mental health field, and only those that suffer can truly understand the benefits CBD brings to their lives. Chronic pain is yet another misunderstood condition, where those who do not suffer from it in any capacity cannot fully grasp how it impacts the life of a suffering person. CBD can be life-changing in this area, as it heads straight for the area, and gives the patient relief in order to carry on a more productive life.

Being tested and confirmed by the scientific world, in combination with physicians, the benefits are substantial. CBD is also safe, and non-addictive which is not the case with many pharmaceuticals being prescribed today. This product has proven to be the substitute for addictive narcotics, and for those who suffer, there are no worries for side effects if they do not use on a daily basis.
This excellent derivative is not only proving to be beneficial to humans, but on our animals as well. Many give their pets CBD to relieve pain, relieve signs of anxiousness, giving a very calming, soothing to the pet’s overall symptoms. It comes in many different varieties depending on your pet; and is a leading resource.

Many may not be aware, but CBD is not only used for our emotional and physical well-being, humans and animals, but it may surprise most to know its benefits go far and beyond those factors. CBD is available as anti-aging products as well. The growing list of the benefits is becoming infinite.

With all the substantial, positive proven claims, CBD can be considered life-changing which is a very powerful statement, but one that is deserving. It is natural, safe, non-addictive, and its uses are without comparison to narcotics and expensive products for our physical, mental, well-being.

False Positives: Marijuana Charges

The the use of CBD (cannabidiol) becoming mainstream. The jury is still out on rather or not it will affect the results of a drug test. Some places claim since there is little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) you can not fail a drug test. Other places say it’s possible for the CBD to show up in the test. It leaves us wondering what is the truth? These are need to know facts. Even though CBD is legal can we still face charges associated with Marijuana. According to one parents experience. THC was detected in her child’s drug test.
A mother’s curiosity led to having her sons hair follicle tested. She wanted to know if CBD would show up in the drug test. To her surprise THC also was found in this drug test. She contacted the son’s father and this ultimately led to him only being allowed supervised visitation once a week. The father was absolutely shocked and claimed he did not know how THC got into his child’s system. It turns out that small amount of THC 0.03% that is in a lot of CBD products can show as a positive result on a hair follicle drug test. He had given his son honey infused with CBD. After talking with a professional, Frank Conrad at Colorado Green Lab. It was determined that drug test can not detect the difference between THC and CBD. With the help of Frank Conrad. The dad in question was able to regain half custody of his son. He later went on to sue the lab that did the drug test.
I guess there our answer is. Drug test can not tell a different between CBD and THC. That defect could cause a whole of trouble for everyday CBD users. That dad almost lost his child completely all over a false positive. CBD users beware we are not necessarily out of the woods yet!

An Ironic Crackdown on CBD and Prepared Foods in New York City

CBD is still banned in New York City due to safety concerns and the fact that it’s not yet approved by the FDA. This includes offering for the customers to add it for themselves. Everyone was given until October 1 to comply. However, many restaurant and food businesses are still selling the products anyway. The current fine for a first-time offense is $650.

One reporter with the Associate Press found a sign in Le District grocery store’s coffee shoppe offering for customers to add an extra dose of CBD oil to their drinks for an extra $5.00. Fat Cat Kitchen Café had CBD-laced baked goods on display and Forever Coffee Bar offers for customers to add up to 10 milligrams to their drinks for an extra $2.50.

Artem Arnopoulo, owner of Forever Coffee, stated that the inspectors had shown up at his location and given him a warning. However, he claims that he’s waiting for them to show up at the other location before he’ll actually stop serving it. Arnopoulo stated that he’s disappointed because people love it and it’s bringing in a lot of profit.

C.J. Holm, who owns Fat Cat Kitchen declined to comment. A source for Le District initially claimed that they’re no longer selling the products but declined to comment afterward.

The only thing that CBD has been FDA-approved for so far is rare and severe forms of epilepsy. Millions of people are also stating that it helps with various other things, such as pain, restlessness, and anxiety. The FDA is currently doing clinical trials for all of those conditions. In the meantime, the New York health departments are seeing it as something akin to spiking food and beverages with painkillers or heroine.

Ironically, the crackdown is only applying to prepared foods and beverages. It is not applying to the oil being sold in its own bottles in pharmacies or other health shops.

The First CBD Expo Hits Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado which is known for not only legalizing Marijuana for medical purposes but for recreational use as well as hosted the first-ever CBD Expo at the Colorado Convention Center. This should come as no surprise since the selling of CBD products has become quite a profitable proposition in the state. As for the CBD Expo, it was certainly a way to become more educated about CBD and its benefits.

The theme of the Expo for the first year was the trend in CBD medical treatments and further technical innovations using CBD. Individuals were given a chance to talk to guest speakers such as Dr. John MacKay, an accredited physician, and advocate for the medical use of CBD. Individuals attending the Expo would also have a chance to sample different CBD products. For those wanting to venture into the selling of CBD products themselves, there were tips about how to go about doing so including licensing, and how to properly sell the products to the public.

For those wanting to, they could also buy various types of CBD products such as tea, edibles and even oils to provide pain relief since there were hundreds of vendors selling their products. Although the first CBD Expo to ever take place in the United States this is certainly a sign of the changing times. There was a time when openly displaying products that contain CBD or Hemp oil wasn’t possible in the United States. After all, CBD oil derives from the cannabis plant which was illegal for several years in this country. But the times have changed and so have the law, CBD is now legal in most states especially as a way to aid in illness. Now that more states have made CBD legal at least for medical use, seeing such Expos or even advertisements for products containing this plant substance could become quite common.