An Ironic Crackdown on CBD and Prepared Foods in New York City

CBD is still banned in New York City due to safety concerns and the fact that it’s not yet approved by the FDA. This includes offering for the customers to add it for themselves. Everyone was given until October 1 to comply. However, many restaurant and food businesses are still selling the products anyway. The current fine for a first-time offense is $650.

One reporter with the Associate Press found a sign in Le District grocery store’s coffee shoppe offering for customers to add an extra dose of CBD oil to their drinks for an extra $5.00. Fat Cat Kitchen Café had CBD-laced baked goods on display and Forever Coffee Bar offers for customers to add up to 10 milligrams to their drinks for an extra $2.50.

Artem Arnopoulo, owner of Forever Coffee, stated that the inspectors had shown up at his location and given him a warning. However, he claims that he’s waiting for them to show up at the other location before he’ll actually stop serving it. Arnopoulo stated that he’s disappointed because people love it and it’s bringing in a lot of profit.

C.J. Holm, who owns Fat Cat Kitchen declined to comment. A source for Le District initially claimed that they’re no longer selling the products but declined to comment afterward.

The only thing that CBD has been FDA-approved for so far is rare and severe forms of epilepsy. Millions of people are also stating that it helps with various other things, such as pain, restlessness, and anxiety. The FDA is currently doing clinical trials for all of those conditions. In the meantime, the New York health departments are seeing it as something akin to spiking food and beverages with painkillers or heroine.

Ironically, the crackdown is only applying to prepared foods and beverages. It is not applying to the oil being sold in its own bottles in pharmacies or other health shops.

Laura Peters

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