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The Truth Behind CBD Production: What to Look For!

When someone purchases CBD (cannabidiol) products there are many factors to take into consideration. These factors include dosage, strength and quality of the brand or product you are purchasing. It is important to know how the CBD was produced and what went into the growing phase. You do not want your CBD full of chemicals like pesticides and metals that would be harmful if ingested.
There is a lab located in Loveland, Colorado. That had a chance to test samples of CBD (cannabidiol) from nine different sources through the United States of America. This company is known as the Mile High Labs. The samples taken from different sources ranged in different potencies and recommended dosages. These samples were also tested for THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol), pesticides and different types of metals. These oils were tested to make sure the THC levels were in the legal range of 0.03% or under. After studying these oils for a few days. It was determined about half the oils were found to be true to their word. Some were also found to be higher in dosage then the recommended amount. And one was found to be significantly less.
Since CBD is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Being able to guarantee the integrity of these products is very difficult. Unless the products like oils, salves and tinctures being purchased; have been lab tested by a lab similar to Mile High Labs. It is very difficult to be sure you are getting a good quality brand or amount of CBD.

News On CBD Legalizations

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Apparently there are rumors floating around about CBD infused products. Specifically in Missouri. If the products are unregulated, should they really be sold? That’s the real question. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Regulation is put in place for a reason, so if it is going on unregulated, then a check up on how it’s impacting the population in Missouri, has to be set into motion. For good reason, this has landed on top news sites and is steadily being covered further. Especially considering the impact it can have, it’s a shock that Tax officials have not inserted viable points but rather, are keeping their opinions to themselves on the matter. Does that mean primary officials are playing a part in what’s going on? Who is benefiting the most? Those are simple answers covered here and more.

In March, the former Missouri Department of Revenue Director Joel Walters; spoke with Eric Schmitt, an Attorney General. The talk pertained on whether tax licenses could be issued to businesses for the use and specific intention of placing regulations on the popular substance being distributed. Prior to taking his leave, Joel also mentioned a law that states Missouri Department of Agriculture can partner with two businesses to cultivate the needed goods but under that same law, it’s to be granted to those with epilepsy as a treatment to help apparently heal.

Those that sell them illegally may not have the best intentions and may affect the products themselves if it means flipping a profit. It wouldn’t be the first time and may not be the last either. With all the cautious moves being made behind the scenes, you’d expect facts not to b thrown out directly along with opinions and they’re both being kept in that stagnant state until the best profitable agreement is made. It’s a good thing both parties are working together to come to a mutual understanding. Specifically the Department of Revenue is gathering the Missouri Attorney General’s offices take on the matter at hand.

The hemp rules are steadily loosening year after year, and it’s important to note the difference too. Industrial hemp has over 0.3% ingredients that’s psychoactive THC. When it comes to CBD, it hasn’t been established yet it’s true components; thus it isn’t on the state list for controlled substances as of yet. There are now researchers in the University of Missouri, that have been granted the means to study and grow the actual plant which only means agreements will ultimately be reached and silent opinions pulled towards an agreed fact. Currently businesses are following a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” protocol, where they can continue to discreetly sell the product as long as they don’t outwardly make it known that they’re selling the CBD contents. Either way, the incoming growing season will be it’s first in about a century and that’s only going to allow for further acceptance and a turn in the economy on that side of the agriculture spectrum.

Tyler Skaggs Death Bring Fourth Possible Changes for the MLB

After the death of the beloved Tyler Skaggs, there has been much controversy of what will happen concerning drug testing with the MLB players. Ever since the autopsy report reported alcohol and opioid in his system, there has been a lot of discussion about how there may be changes to their drug regulation to help deal with pain from players hard performance out on the field.

One of those changes may be the use of CBD. With the FDA statement about how cannabis not being federally illegal anymore, it is very well plausible to use CBD to deal with pain. However, it must be regulated by medical physicians. Just to mainly make sure that the CBD is properly monitored amongst the players within the MLB. Whether or not the MLB will address this is still unknown. The use of CBD may still be wary for the league organizers. Though, the players are certainly looking forward to the changes.

With little information known, it is hard to say with what the MLB will do next. Especially since the situation with Tyler Skaggs has certainly brought on much discussion within the baseball community, both with players and fans alike. We may expect news about it sometime in the future. We can expect that there will be some form of discussion while the Angels honor their lost player, Tyler Skaggs; while also in hopes that the MLB make some changes to ensure the safety of the fellow members of the players and future players as well.

Lots of Athletes Say CBD Is A Better Painkiller

CBD oil has pain-relieving properties because training stress is a good way to cope with what real competition will bring. It stimulates adaptation and increased performance. CBD oil is not as risky as taking over the counter medications like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium. Opioid addiction is killing many Americans right and left. Athletes such as the National Hockey League player Riley Cote had the role of keeping other players in check to the point of getting into physical fights with them. He had retired in 2010 due to the scope of his injuries. He was worried about brain damage caused by aging until he found CBD oil. CBD oil is a wonder drug, that really does work.

In 2013, he tried cannabidoil and that was “a game-changer for sure,” as he uses it twice a day. The many types of extractions of cannabis turn out to be a huge benefit to those with pain problems who try opioids. There are many testimonials out there about how cannabis oil affects people. By 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency had decided to remove CBD oil from its list of banned substances that were not allowed in the arena of competitive sports.

Only CBD oil was removed from the list of banned substances only because
• It doesn’t have THC in it.
• CBD oil is a natural painkiller that helps with all sorts of difficulties including anxiety.
• It is not a synthetic cannabinoid such as hashish and marijuana itself.

CBD is not psychotropic and it is not addictive, which is why these measures were taken to make sure it is included in the list of acceptable substances. Large numbers of people see benefits and they tell their story often so that more and more people are willing to try CBD oil. The way CBD oil works is that cannabinoids already exist in your body. CBD merely helps modulate the activity of neurons, in the endocannabinoid system or ECS. CBD or cannabidiol is found naturally in the cannabis plant and has many effective uses. The nervous system produces two endocannabinoids, 2-AG, and EAE, which are produced in postsynaptic neurons, that release into the synapse. When CBD is used to treat epilepsy, it reduces seizure activity by lowering the output of glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. CBD binds to CB 2 receptors, which then reduces inflammation causing pain and swelling of any kind to come down.

CBD does appear to relieve pain in many an athlete. There are no documented deaths from cannabidiol-derived products because all that CBD oil does is reduce pain. There is adequate proof from science that CBD is doing something to alleviate chronic pain and inflammation, as large numbers of people are seeing results. CBD oil is a fad that has swept up the nation because it really does work. CBD oil is extracted from marijuana and hemp. CBD cream can be rubbed on your joints to reduce inflammation, as this experiment was tried on rats for proof it works.

A sign causes confusion and led to a lawsuit

A store called CBD Kratom has put up a sign for their store. You may ask why would that led to a lawsuit. The sign has a hemp leaf logo. The logo caused the confusion. The owners of the building didn’t support the usage of the sign. Most people automatically think marijuana when they see a hemp leaf design. The owners of the building thought the store would be selling marijuana and related marijuana merchandise just because they had the leaf design logo. So CBD Kratom has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the building. They say they will lose customers because of the logo is part of the brand. Other shops have signs above their buildings, but presently CBD Kratom doesn’t. The leaf logo sign is used at other stores that CBD Kratom owns. The lawsuit was filed right after the mayor had drawn up suggested zones for marijuana stores when marijuana becomes legal in Chicago.

CBD Kratom doesn’t sell marijuana or related marijuana merchandise. They sell CBD products.CBD doesn’t cause a person to get high, but it does help with the pain. It is also legal to sell. CBD Kratom has stores in Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, and Los Angeles. They also have an online store too. You can get CBD oils, hemp lotions, hemp candles, strains of Kratom (which is a herbal leaf), and they also have other plant-based supplements. CBD Kratom also has a reward program for every one dollar that spend in the store.

Arthritis and CBD

CBD can be used for various purposes and now the Arthritis Group is releasing guideline for people who use the CBD to help with their joint pain and how to use this product correctly.
CBD and Pain
CBD has become popular to help those that are in pain. There are some guidelines that the Arthritis Foundation released for people with arthritis that want to use CBD for pain. They want to help people find the correct usage and dose to treat their pain. The group has acknowledged that people want to try CBD and want to make sure they use it correctly and within the guidelines. Even when using CBD products the foundation states that a person should not stop using their prescribed medication.
CBD and Health
The Farm Bill was passed by Congress in 2018 and allowed CBD to be used. CBD does not contain THC which will give a person the feeling of being high. Since this time people have begun using CBD for different purposes including pain relief. According to the Arthritis Foundation, 2,600 people were asked about CBD use for pain. Around 80 percent of these patients were open to it.
For people that are willing to try CBD, they should start with a lower dose and watch their symptoms over time. Patients should work with a trusted supplier. They recommend using CBD oil the form of a liquid or spray so it can go into the bloodstream. It is not recommended vaping CBD. This is not enough information to show if it is safe. A person should speak to their doctor before using CBD as it may interact with some prescription medications.
When a person is in pain the CBD may be able to help them. A person with arthrosis should speak to their doctor if they are interested in using CBD to make sure it is safe and can help them.

Benefits of Topical CBD

When a person is looking for relief from the pain they may turn to topical CBD products. These CBD products are said to be able to reduce pain. They are easy to use and can be applied in the form of a lotion, cream, or serums.
CBD is made from the cannabis plant and does not contain THC. A person will not get the feeling of being high but they will be able to see the other benefits offered by the CBD. When used in the topical form the CBD is said to provide relief for people with musculoskeletal issues and even arthritis. People also use it in topical form to help reduce muscle aches and pains.
In addition to pain, topical CBD creams are being used to help people with certain skin conditions including eczema. The CBD is all-natural and will not cause further irritation. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can even improve the appearance of the skin.
Topical CBD can help reduce pain when applied to specific areas of the body. It will not be able to enter the bloodstream and will not help prevent or provide a cure to a specific health condition. It will be able to help with pain when applied to the skin in this area.
Reliable topical CBD products will help keep the pain away for a specific period. The CBD will work with the receptors on the skin and will help support the body’s endocannabinoid system. The receptors will be able to use the CBD to help ease the pain that a person is feeling. The effects of the CBD will vary between users. Some people will feel instant pain while others will feel little relief. Since there is no THC, the CBD in topical form is legal to use in all 50 states.
When a person is looking for relief from pain CBD topicals may be the best answers. These topical creams will not go into the bloodstream and will be able to reduce the feeling of pain that a person is in.

Jon Philpott: An Example of the Challenge of Having CBD asa Main Commodity

Jon Philpott is the CFO of Vertical Wellness, which works with farmers across three states to grow over 2,000 acres of hemp. As things stand, Philpott has the hard job of maintaining the books, developing relationships with bankers, and monitoring competitors. On top of all of that, he also has a special challenge in that cannabidoil, which was legalized in the U.S. last year in the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, is their main commodity.

Vertical Wellness helps their farmers to process their hemp plants as a whole; everything from the flower part to the stems are made into the oil. The oil is then processed into a variety of lotions, body oils, shampoos, and even anti-pain patches.

However, since CBD was only recently legalized and given its long history of controversy, it can still be difficult to find auditors, stock prices are not very stable, and the competition is not yet flowing. There is also the fact that THC is still banned. However, this is the ultimate time to get started on it because it is also growing and is expected to continue to do so once the distinction between CBD and THC is better understood. CBD products, like the ones that Vertical Wellness advocates for, do not contain THC.

Philpott himself was introduced to CBD when one of his nephews introduced him to a cream to alleviate shoulder pain. As a result, he finds himself constantly giving extra explanations for the difference described above. Even so, a lot of banks have to do their own confirmations to make sure that CBD really has been legalized before deciding if they want to do business with Vertical Wellness.

People Joining in On the CBD Craze

The CBD bandwagon is maintaining itself with celebrities like Kylie Jenner coming in at #7 on Instagram although her sister Kim is a #6 above her. CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis that is legal in a broader sense of that term and has become very much available on the market. Hemp-derived products such as CBD are no longer forced under restrictive rules that the 2018 Farm Bill constructed. Even companies like CVS and Walgreens, on the Fortune 500, have joined the CBD bandwagon by offering up products for consumers containing CBD. Health stores, vape shops and other, smaller retailers are also in on this, because they have products too.

Influencers who recommend such products are also making money off of the CBD oil craze. Happy Tea CEO Michael Gonzalez started his own company and tried to figure out how to get influencers to scale his products. Kylie Jenner is a huge name in the influencer industry because of her huge audience that she has spent many years cultivating. Happy Tea has been a venture that CEO Michael Gonzalez had to replicate with Fit Tea, a detox beverage company that he had started in 2013. Happy Tea helped him recover from his divorce anxiety problem that the divorce triggered.

He had no idea how quickly he would be able to meet celebrities since most of Kim’s family including Kyle, Kourtney, Kendall, and Khloe were marketing his products. CBD may still be illegal in some places where medical or recreational marijuana is legal. CBD is a legal product these days found not just in tea, but in coffee too, because of the 2018 Farm Bill that had an effect on canceling legal restrictions on CBD. Marijuana has some recognized benefits when it fights the side effects of cancer chemotherapy.

In the United States, marijuana is both loved and vilified in equal measure. There are many programs out there for doctors to learn how to prescribe or teach patients how to use CBD oil and medical marijuana in general. The University of Connecticut has a new course on how to grow hemp products for harvesting CBD, a plant that has been cultivated on this planet for 12,000 years, one of the oldest plants ever kept around until the present day. In the present, we are certainly fond of finding ways of growing marijuana. Cannabis can take away many different types of pain.

Happy Tea is a huge trailblazer of a company that provides many different flavors of Happy Tea, such as Lemon Zen, Mixed Berry or even Punch. One stick a day has benefits to consumer’s health. CBD oil does not contain active properties that cause the marijuana-related high. Instagram is a massive vehicle for celebrities to post their experiences with various CBD products that worked. Happy Tea has recently closed a $6 million dollar Series A funding, which he will then follow up with another $6 million since he is taking the company public in December. 1

Happy Tea

Shopify expands opportunities with CBD, and adds Josie Maran’s Skin Dope

The Canadian-based e-commerce company Shopify made an announcement on September 17 that it would be expanding options in the U.S. It is introducing new features for American retailers of hemp and CBD products, which includes Josie Maran Cosmetics’ Skin Dope.

CBD products have been increasingly popular in both North American and European markets. Consumers can now choose from bath salts to mascara. Josie Maran’s Skin Dope is one of the lines that has been leading the charge into this new arena.

Josie Maran Cosmetics, which was launched in 2007 by the American model and actress it was named after, is noted for its Argan oil-based products. Skin Dope combines Argan oil with CBD and hemp seed oil for a new anti-aging oil that the company touts as a way to get strong, resilient, glowing skin. This line of products was launched in January 2019, and it has proven popular.

The move by Shopify means that CBD merchants in most states throughout the country will now have access to tools including online store design, payment, shipping and marketing. This is an expansion rather than something wholly new for the company. Since cannabis was legalized in Canada at the end of 2010, the company has served as an e-commerce platform for recreational cannabis sales.

The expansion is a potentially significant one for the company given that the CBD market in the U.S. is expected to continue to grow in coming years. It has been estimated by BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research that the U.S. CBD market could be worth $20 billion within the next five years.