The First CBD Expo Hits Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado which is known for not only legalizing Marijuana for medical purposes but for recreational use as well as hosted the first-ever CBD Expo at the Colorado Convention Center. This should come as no surprise since the selling of CBD products has become quite a profitable proposition in the state. As for the CBD Expo, it was certainly a way to become more educated about CBD and its benefits.

The theme of the Expo for the first year was the trend in CBD medical treatments and further technical innovations using CBD. Individuals were given a chance to talk to guest speakers such as Dr. John MacKay, an accredited physician, and advocate for the medical use of CBD. Individuals attending the Expo would also have a chance to sample different CBD products. For those wanting to venture into the selling of CBD products themselves, there were tips about how to go about doing so including licensing, and how to properly sell the products to the public.

For those wanting to, they could also buy various types of CBD products such as tea, edibles and even oils to provide pain relief since there were hundreds of vendors selling their products. Although the first CBD Expo to ever take place in the United States this is certainly a sign of the changing times. There was a time when openly displaying products that contain CBD or Hemp oil wasn’t possible in the United States. After all, CBD oil derives from the cannabis plant which was illegal for several years in this country. But the times have changed and so have the law, CBD is now legal in most states especially as a way to aid in illness. Now that more states have made CBD legal at least for medical use, seeing such Expos or even advertisements for products containing this plant substance could become quite common.

Laura Peters

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