False Positives: Marijuana Charges

The the use of CBD (cannabidiol) becoming mainstream. The jury is still out on rather or not it will affect the results of a drug test. Some places claim since there is little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) you can not fail a drug test. Other places say it’s possible for the CBD to show up in the test. It leaves us wondering what is the truth? These are need to know facts. Even though CBD is legal can we still face charges associated with Marijuana. According to one parents experience. THC was detected in her child’s drug test.
A mother’s curiosity led to having her sons hair follicle tested. She wanted to know if CBD would show up in the drug test. To her surprise THC also was found in this drug test. She contacted the son’s father and this ultimately led to him only being allowed supervised visitation once a week. The father was absolutely shocked and claimed he did not know how THC got into his child’s system. It turns out that small amount of THC 0.03% that is in a lot of CBD products can show as a positive result on a hair follicle drug test. He had given his son honey infused with CBD. After talking with a professional, Frank Conrad at Colorado Green Lab. It was determined that drug test can not detect the difference between THC and CBD. With the help of Frank Conrad. The dad in question was able to regain half custody of his son. He later went on to sue the lab that did the drug test.
I guess there our answer is. Drug test can not tell a different between CBD and THC. That defect could cause a whole of trouble for everyday CBD users. That dad almost lost his child completely all over a false positive. CBD users beware we are not necessarily out of the woods yet!

Laura Peters

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