Cooking with CBD

The benefits of CBD oil are becoming known to the public and people are looking for ways to use CBD. A person can put the oil under their tongue but some may not like the taste. These are some tips for cooking with CBD oil to get the benefits and make the oil easy to use.
How Much CBS Oil to Use?
Most products recommend using between 5 and 10 milligrams of the oil. This amount will need to be adjusted based on taste. A person may have to increase the dosage when cooking to feel the same effects. It is recommended to start with a lower dose and increase it as needed.
How to Store CBD Foods
CBD foods should be stored in a cool and dry place. Heat and air may reduce the terpenes found in the oil. If the products are stored correctly they can last for up to 18 months.
Quality CBD
When purchasing CBD oils look for those that are organically grown to reduce the chance of heavy metal contamination in the soil. Almost 70 percent of the CBD products are labeled incorrectly so take the time to research the company before making a purchase.
How to Use CBD Oil
Often CBD oil is used under the tongue and it will into effect from 5 to 15 minutes. The effects should last between 2 and 4 hours. Everyone processes the CBD differently so times and dosage may vary.
CBD Energy Bites
These energy bites are tasty and they can help a person relax. These bites contain granola, chocolate chips, nut butter, honey, CBD oil or powder, a touch of cinnamon, and are topped with chia or sunflower seeds. All of these items except the seeds are mixed and allowed to chill. They are then rolled into balls and topped with the seeds. These energy balls can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Best CBD Oils Buyers Guide for First-Time Users

CBD Oil has become a well-known product widely sold in places such as Colorado and California. It can also be purchased online, most of us know why this product has become so popular, it is known to have several medicinal benefits and derives from a natural source grown in nature. Yes, that source is the cannabis plant but in order to be quality CBD oil, the oil goes through a special process that keeps all the benefits desired and hardly any of the controversial substances. But knowing about CBD oil is only half the battle because there are numerous types of CBD oil products on the market today and it is hard to determine which one is the best, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

The Best CBD Oil

The first thing to clear up right now is just because a CBD product claims to be all-natural doesn’t mean that it actually is. Some of these products may have a chemical preservative, and others may not have been properly processed. Remember CBD Oil has to be extracted from the actual cannabis plant and sometimes the process isn’t done to get the most desired effect. Some products cut corners while others take the time to ensure the desired results. So in looking for a quality CBD oil product you want one that is indeed all-natural, has no hidden preservatives, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, vegan and contains no BPA. In short, you want one that would be safe for the whole family to take.

A Recommended CBD Oil

So, is there a CBD oil that actually meets these perimeters that we can recommend right now? As a matter of fact, that is and that would be the products known as Charlotte’s Web. Not only does it meet all the standards stated above but it is operated exclusively in North America, which means it takes the time to meet the Good Manufacturing Practices brought forth to assure a quality product. Charlotte’s Web also follows the guidelines for containment put in place by the American Herbal Products Association. The product also undergoes up to 20 tests before it is ever placed on the market to ensure its safety and quality.

Do Your Research

Charlotte’s Web is just one product brand of CBD oil that is out, and although it is recommended, you could also do further research into other products as well. That would include going online and finding customer reviews on various types of CBD Oil Products. Another piece of advice is what has been recommended by Consumer Reports, request a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party source. This would provide information on various CBD oil products you could be interested in. CBD Oil can be a sound investment if bought wisely so always take the time to learn more about these products before buying especially if you are a first-time buyer.

New source for pain relief

A new product has hit the market for joint and muscle pain relief. It comes in an easy to use roll on cream. This new product is different from any of your regular rub on creams because it is made from all natural ingredients, ranging from arnic to CBD. It is applied to any effected area of the skin and most people see results in seconds. Not only is it fast acting but it also not as smelling as your traditional creams that you apply day to day. There is so many options for this product, not only does it help with your normal or average joint or muscle pain caused from spasms, it also helps with a lot of your arthritis pain. The roll on pain relief is something that takes care of all your pain in one easy to use, mess free tube. This makes it a multi functional product keeping you from having to buy more than one product. The makers of this product kept this in mind wanting to create something that would alleviate the most common joint and muscle pain. The other big game changer in this product is how messy those other creams are. What better way than not to have to use your hands to rub it in. I know most people hate having to rub it on their loved ones because of the oil residue and smell that it leaves on your fingers. This company has created this product so that you don’t have to put up with that scrubbing and worrying if you can get the smell off. As for myself this would be something that I would not only check with my dr about but also consider using.

Not so friendly skies for CBD users

Packing for a short trip:
Wireless devices and chargers—check
Change of clothes—check
Toiletries under 3.5 ounces—check
CBD oil for my arthritis—hmmm….
Like many travelers, I am puzzled by the changing rules around what I can pack in both my carry on and my checked baggage. In the case of CBD oil, the questions are made more complex by confusion around the product and the range of laws across the country. While CBD products are legal, if they do not contain more than 0.3 percent THC, not everyone knows this, and “everyone” may include a local TSA inspector.
While CBD is one of many components of marijuana, derived from the hemp plant, by itself it does not have intoxicating properties. What it does have is tremendous success in reducing inflammation, anxiety and other ills. CBD products are a nearly $5 billion industry.
Recently, the TSA published a policy change which attempted to clarify the legality of flying with CBD products. The policy, citing the 2018 farm bill, included the 0.3 percent limit. While this sounds like a green light, the empirical experiences are not quite as clear cut. TSA agents have no easy way to determine the THC content of CBD products, and may err on the side of caution by confiscating all such products, depending on their individual predilections or local custom. In states where marijuana products are legal, it is far less likely that a TSA agent would challenge a traveler carrying a CBD product, but there is still a huge variety of state laws across the country. While you may not face any interference at an airport in California, the same may not hold true in a state which has yet to decriminalize marijuana, even though the CBD should not be subject to the ban.
What should you do? Some CBD advocates suggest that you obtain and carry a certificate of analysis, attesting that the product meets the standards of the federal farm act. Others recommend sourcing products at your destination to avoid the potential of confiscation, or even being delayed in making your flight by a TSA agent. As both THC and CBD products become widely available in more areas, buying locally may be easier than transporting your remedies with you. Finally, there is old-fashioned subterfuge—masking your perfectly legal CBD product as another legal, but less provocative, item. For people concerned about not being able to find their favorite item at their journey’s end, yet unwilling to risk confrontation or delay at the airport, this may be a safe and effective option.
The good news is that as the products continue their surge of popularity, combined with the sweep of legislative changes taking place throughout the country, this problem may soon be obsolete. Now remind me, is it shoes off, watches on, belts in the bin?

NBA superstar Stephen Curry is not a fan of investing in blockchain and CBD startups

NBA superstar Stephen Curry is not a fan of investing in blockchain and CBD startups.

There’s a growing list of athletes whose interest in startup ventures harken back to Magic Johnson’s business success that began in the late 80s. Since then, other well-known athletes, especially in the basketball sphere, have made significant investments outside their playing career. Those names include Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James. The Golden State Warriors point guard is among those athletes.

Through SC30 Inc., Curry manages his own investments, partnerships, media, and philanthropy. The company’s president is Bryant Barr, Curry’s roommate and fellow basketball teammate at Davidson College. Curry and Barr have made bets on several companies, including Guild Education, a learning platform for working adults; SnapTravel, a hotel booking platform; and TSM, an esports organization. But on investing in CBD and gambling, Curry says “No.”

“With CBD, that to me is more of a brand decision,” Barr told Yahoo Finance last week.

“That’s Stephen, he’s family first. He’s got three kids, and it’s not that we want to manufacture a brand. That’s just who he is. While he’s playing as an athlete, we would avoid betting too. Betting would be another one that we would stay away from — from a brand perspective. Those don’t help in any shape or form…but I do think gambling is super interesting.”

Apart from gambling and cannabis investments, SC30 is also not investing in blockchain. Barr understands and appreciates what blockchain is, but he doesn’t see any “practical” use for it.

“So it’s like, I understand why this is better, like, great, there’s blockchain fantasy football. Okay, well, I can go on Yahoo. And like, put 20 bucks in and it’s super easy. Why would I? Why would I do something differently?”

Investments in medical technology and “life sciences” is also a field Curry and Barr wouldn’t touch as Curry only invests in ideas he can relate to or has a passion for and ideas bringing beneficial change.
On the company’s website, it states: “Disrupt culture, transform lives and ruin the game,”a tagline representative of an investment philosophy that stems from the criticisms on Curry’s style of play that forever changed the game of basketball. That is why Stephen Curry is not and will never be a fan of investing in Blockchain and CBD Startups.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety

These days many people suffer from anxiety. With constant demands from life, work, and family many find themselves stifled by the stress. With so many traditions ways of combating anxiety like medications and therapy proving fruitless for many people, CBD oil has quickly moved to the forefront as a new contender in the seemingly never ending fight against anxiety.
Adding CBD oil to your everyday routine can decrease your anxiety, and in some cases even depression and insomnia, by reacting your body’s system to regulate inflammation and in the process help your body manage pain and lessen stress. Because it directly impacts the cannabinoid receptors in the brain,CBD can affect your serotonin levels, which is the main chemical the brain produces that greatly impacts mood disorders, and therefor naturally improve stress, anxiety, and overall mood. These cannabinoid receptors are also a part of the system that regulates sleep, appetite, pain and immune system; and therefor CBD use may help to the lessen stress that occurs when we have issues in any of those areas.
CBD oil is a safe, non-addictive, and powerful alternative to traditional anxiety treatments. To add to its benefits, CBD can be found in nearly every form making it an effective anxiety solution that can fit any lifestyle and specific need. And, whether you choose to ingest it or use it topically, CBD oil can prove to be the worthy opponent against anxiety that your stressful life needs, and improve your quality of life in the process.

The Increasing Demand for CBD Products Pushes the USDA to Allow Industrial Hemp Growing

There is a new program that the USDA passed that will allow farmers of all 50 states to grow hemp on their farms. This program will also allow hemp to be grown on reservation land. The announcement came on October 29, 2019 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and falls under the Domestic Hemp Production Program. Farmers can now grow hemp for the many products that are currently on the market as well as open up other opportunities for new products.

Farmers will have guidelines and requirements they will need to follow that the USDA is finalizing. These include maintaining records where the hemp will be grown, passing tests for THC levels in the proper range and where and how to dispose of plants that do not fall within the guidelines.

Over the last several years there has been more and more demand for CBD oil which is extracted from hemp. This rapidly growing market for CBD oil products is because it is believed to have medicinal properties used for a wide variety of medical conditions. It is used in everything from pet food and wine to creams that help relieve major aches and pains. CBD oil has also been successful in the treatment of epilepsy and many use it to relieve anxiety and manage pain for certain disorders.

Even though CBD is often associated and confused with marijuana because they both come from the cannabis plant, CBD oil has none or only traces of THC. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that causes a user to get “high.” Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants but have different levels of THC. CBD products can also be used as frequently as needed because they are none addictive.

CBD based products come in many forms. Some can be mixed into different foods or drinks or they can be taken with a pipette or dropper and placed directly under the tongue. Other products are available in capsules or as a thick paste to be massaged into the skin.

Hemp can be grown organically on most of the world’s farmland and it requires little to no pesticides. It is a rapidly growing plant that matures in about 8 to 12 weeks, has the ability to choke out other weeds and has strong resistance to most pests. Hemp has a long tap root that makes it able to reach water, therefore hemp crops can be grown in areas that are prone to drought. A harvested crop of hemp can produce about 50,000 different products and applications across many different Industries. Industrial Hemp has many uses, including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, health food, fiber, beauty products and many other products.

With allowing farmers to grow hemp, CBD product sales in the United States and are expected to exceed $20 billion by 2024. The 2020 growing season will be used as a chance to “test-drive” the USDA interim rules to guide any changes or adjustments that need to be made in the final rule.

The Patriots Team up with CBD

The Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots could be supporting a new logo shortly. There is a lot of talk going on about a Cannabidiol company working with the owner of the Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place. This clever deal might be able to add the familiar leaf as a logo near the stadium, but without interfering with the NFL’s rules and ban on marijuana.

Mr. Gronkowski was the one that gave us an announcement about the potential deal. Gronkowski is a former tight end for the Patriots. He also did shed a lot of light on the whole situation with CBD, and the NFL. The former tight end explained that as he is now retired, (retired at 29), he is free to endorse for the cannabis company. However, unless the NFL does drop the ban, Gronkowski would not be able to make a comeback to the NFL unless he then broke off ties with the Cannabis Company.

This is because of the way the NFL drug policy, which is strictly tied to the Player’s union, is worded as it bans teams and active players from deals that sponsor cannabinoids. These cannabinoids include not only marijuana but also hemp-based products which include, you guessed it, CBD! The questionable component is the content of THC. THC can induce hallucinations and therefore could affect players’ activity on and off the field. CBD normally has a low concentration of THC, but right now none is allowed in the NFL and therefore NFL players are currently warned to stay away from all CBD products because they might contain THC.

On the brighter side, since some states have begun to reconsider the allowable use of marijuana, it seems that the sports organizations are opening their minds as well. The NFL formed a committee back in the early spring of this year. They have not gotten to the point of talking about recreational use as some states have, but there are discussions about reconsidering the use of alternative medication. The NFL committee also discussed pain management options. Both of these options could mean players might be free to use CBD therapies soon.
In the meantime, keep a watchful eye at the water tower near the stadium. There might be a sign that progress has occurred. Can you imagine the joy that this could bring to many players? This use of CBD therapy could be the difference in them playing again. It could be the difference in recovering from injury quicker. Who knows? As Gronkowski pointed out. He was not promoting the use of marijuana, only CBD.

Working Women in the CBD Industry

The popularity and desire for CBD is constantly growing. This has led to new opportunities, not only for consumers, but for potential employers as well. According to the article, CBD is New and Cool, But What is the Industry Like for Women? on, women are showing interest and earning employment in the CBD industry.
While women do continue to deal with a day-to-day discrimination and judgement, they are still fighting the battles. These women are not only working their way to the top, they are supporting one another along the way. These women are paving the way for the women in the next generations to come.

Social media has shown to make a positive impact for these women in more ways than one. In the article, women such as Laura Fuentes, have been using social media to promote their products and their talents. She used her previous education in pharmaceuticals led her to pursue a passion she was not yet aware of. She was able to apply her education while also being able to consistently see the positive affects of medicine for the public.

Along with marketing, social media has also created a safe space for women who are all working in the CBD industry. The website, InHerSight, women are able to talk, read, and learn about different women’s experiences while receiving the continuous support from one another.

Unfortunately, whether you are a man or a woman, individuals will face discrimination and sexism in almost any line of work. However, the only way to see change happen, is to be a part of the change. Men and women cannot stand by and tolerate the injustice. This article only looked at women in the CBD industry, but what about men in the makeup and fashion industry? What about women being the primary provider while the man stays to care for responsibilities at home? As time continues on, we hope that society will be more open-minded and accepting.

Women are not only taking matters into their own hands, but they are working for what people may say is still a controversial area, and taking it on with their heads held high.

Traveling with CBD Products

CBD products may be safe to use but it is not always safe to travel with these products. These are some travel laws regarding CBD and regulations determining if they are allowed on specific trips.
According to information from the Transportation Security Administration CBD was not allowed. There is a new rule that if the product contains less than 0.3% THC then a person may travel with it. Many people wonder how TSA workers are going to determine if a product has less than 3% THC. They can read the label but this will take a long time and hold up lines.
There are some other laws regarding hemp that vary from state to state. If it is legal in one state it does not mean that it is legal in another. Before traveling with CBD products these are some things to consider.
The TSA agents are looking for weapons and they do not often examine the contents of personal care items.
If the label on the product is not clear it should be requested from the manufacturer.
The rules for CBD Still vary from state to state. Some states are stricter about the CBD products and people that travel with these products may run into trouble.
CBD is different than other consumer products. There are still conflicting laws regarding these products. There is no clear answer when it comes to traveling with CBD. A person may have their items confiscated or they may be held at the airport. They can also be detained until the matter is resolved.
Experts recommend leaving the CBD product at home and purchase it once the destination is reached. It is up to the individual if they want to travel with these products. There are no clear laws that make this a complicated situation.

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