The benefits of CBD oil for your pets

While CBD oil is becoming more and more popular amongst us humans, our furry little friends are not to be left behind. It is normal that we want to share the benefits of CBD oil with our best friends.
Today, we are witnessing the rise of products destined to animals. Actually, veterinarians have begun to use healing herbs in their practice, with excellent results.
How does CBD oil work in Mammals?
All mammals, including humans, share a common point: they have an endocannabinoid system. This is a set of receptors and neurotransmitters sensitive to cannabinoids. And it turns out CBD is one of them!
The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates:
• Sleep
• Body functions
• Pain levels
• Memory
• Appetite
• Inflammation
• Nausea
• Mood
• Stress levels
The specific receptors affected by CBD oil are TRPV1, 5-HT1A, and GPR55. TRPV-1 especially regulates body temperature, reduces inflammation levels and soothes the acute pain. 5-HT1A lowers anxiety levels and functions as an antidepressant by causing the body to secrete more dopamine. Lastly, CBD oil blocks GPR55 signals, which is said to decrease the proliferation of cancerous cells. This last point is still activelly being researched.
If CBD oil helps humans feel better, animals may improve their quality of life by using it, too. The endocannabinoid systems of mammals and people are similar.
CBD Oil for Dogs
Unfortunately, one of the healing agents in cannabis, the THC, remains toxic to dogs. So if you want to use CBD oil for your dog, make sure to choose one without THC.
Most of the clinical studies regarding the benefits of CBD oil on animals have been conducted on rats and people. None have been done on dogs yet, though some are in progress. Most of the evidence of CBD oil’s benefits on dogs is purely anecdotal at this point. Plus, CBD products may be added to other medications your dog takes with your vet’s advice.
Some of the dog health issues CBD products assist with include :
• Itching and other skin irritation issues such as biting, chewing and licking. In case of allergies, CBD oil may be diluted with another oil and placed directly on the dogs’ skin. Medications or treats can be taken internally to ease the dog’s discomfort. Cannabidiol oil reduces skin inflammation and speeds the healing of any damaged skin.
• Dogs experience anxiety for a variety of issues. One of the biggest is separation anxiety. First talk to your dog’s doctor, then use cannabis-based treats to relax your pup when he or she is stressed. CBD oils also has the ability to soothe animals during storms.
• Training combined with CBD oil helps aggressive dogs learn to relax around other dogs and people
• Dogs with appetite problems should benefit from CBD oil. When using cannabis-based treats in their diet, we’ve noticed a better appetite and stomach distress relief. Consult your vet if your dog loses his or her appetite for more than two days, as a condition may be causing him not to eat.
• Dogs with worn-out hips or other joints enjoy the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits of CBD oil.
• Dogs with cancer usually receive chemotherapy or similar type of treatment with side effects such as loss of appetite and pain. CBD oil can help aleviate this pain, reduce fatigue and prevent seizures.
• Dogs with glaucoma. Glaucoma in dogs remains caused by high ocular pressure, which causes partial or total blindness. CBD oil has been shown to reduce blood pressure and ocular pressure. It accelerates the healing of
• Dogs with seizures. Veterinarians and dog owners recently began to use essential oils and CBD products to help their dogs with seizures.
What about the dosage?
When providing your pet with cannabidiol products, start with the smallest possible amount. While it is unusual to overdose on CBD products, starting low is a good choice to use as little of any remedy as your dog needs. Start with one drop of oil, or follow the recommended direction on the packaging. You may increase the dosage if it helps your dog but remember to always do it with your vet’s agreement.
What kind of products exist on the market?
CBD exist under various forms:
– oils
– treats
– creams
– pills
The main information you should get on those products is their CBD rate. Those different shapes won’t change the effects of the main active ingredient. Treats or pills are more convenient to get to your dog through the food. But applying CBD cream can also be a pretext to share some time with your dog.
CBD Oil for Cats
CBD oil for cats, just as for dogs, has become a holistic way to treat your kitty’s health issues. While few clinical studies have been performed on the effects of this substance on cats, holistic recommend using CBD oil to improve the quality of life for cats to ease chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Contact your vet for advice if you believe this treatment would benefit your cat before using it.
Also, using the smallest dosage necessary for your cat remains a crucial point in giving any medication or cannabidiol treatment to any pet. The cannabis plant remains a toxic substance to cats, so using a lab tested CBD oil with no THC is your best choice if you choose to treat your pet with it.
One way to ensure that you provide your pet with a product that has only has CBD is to purchase a product classified as hemp. Hemp usually has less than 0.3% THC and using a hemp-based oil also keeps you legal. Hemp use is legitimate in the US, while not all cannabis-related products are legal.
Other Pets that may use the Benefits of CBD Products
According to, CBD oil can cause the destruction of cancer cells in mice and rats. It suggests that even if they are not of the same species, virtually all mammals can benfit from CBD oils. As long as they have an endocannabinoid system.
Horses and Cannabidiol Oil
This is less known, but CBD oil can also be used on Horses.
Horses receive the same benefits from CBD oil as do other mammals. Cannabidiol oil may be purchased in large enough amounts to treat horses with arthritis, chronic pain or even anxiety.
Horses, however, are much bigger than your little furry friend in the backyard. The dosage is not the same and it is important to know the approximate weight of your horse to deliver the right amount of CBD. As usual, start with the lowest dose and increase it only with your vet’s agreement. This is even more crucial if you are a professional in the Horse field. Also, when buying any , you’ll need to be sure the product you buy is pure, non-GMO, and gluten-free to avoid allergens and other potential reactions.
Horses receive much the same benefits as do people and other animals when they use CBD oil. Plus, cannabis-based oils have become less expensive in recent years due to increase supply.
The main benefits of CBD oil on horses:
• Arthritic joints become less swollen and painful.
• Skin problems and dry hooves heal when the oil is mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the skin.
• Some holistic vets recommend CBD’s use for insulin resistant disorders. Insulin resistance is another term for high glucose levels. High glucose levels can be concretely determined by a vet and glucose testing in a lab.
• Horse owners with nervous horses can use the oil to relax their animals during transport and training.
• Using CBD oil with horses or other animals who have been abused or neglected reduces their feelings of anxiety and makes them easier to rehome.
CBD products also contain high levels of essential fatty acids which improve:
• The overall health of the horse.
• The appearance of the animal’s skin, coat, mane, and tail.
• Horses’ hooves love the addition of cannabidiol supplements to improve their hoof health.
• Helps skinny horses or horses off their feed to eat more.
While there aren’t many studies yet to clinically prove the efficacy of using cannabidiol products on either animals or people, a lot of pet owners will tell you that using cannabis-related products with no THC has helped their pets with arthritis, pain, cancer and seizures. And while few vets prescribe cannabis-related treatments for our pets yet, some may recommend the products use. Legally, there remains a difference between suggesting a product and prescribing a product. So if a vet feels uncomfortable prescribing CBD oil, they may recommend it or suggest it instead.
Our job remains to help you keep your dog, cat or other animal buddies feeling well and as healthy as possible. Our CBD-related products may be just what your pet needs for pain relief, and to keep him or her feeling no pain.


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