NBA superstar Stephen Curry is not a fan of investing in blockchain and CBD startups

NBA superstar Stephen Curry is not a fan of investing in blockchain and CBD startups.

There’s a growing list of athletes whose interest in startup ventures harken back to Magic Johnson’s business success that began in the late 80s. Since then, other well-known athletes, especially in the basketball sphere, have made significant investments outside their playing career. Those names include Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James. The Golden State Warriors point guard is among those athletes.

Through SC30 Inc., Curry manages his own investments, partnerships, media, and philanthropy. The company’s president is Bryant Barr, Curry’s roommate and fellow basketball teammate at Davidson College. Curry and Barr have made bets on several companies, including Guild Education, a learning platform for working adults; SnapTravel, a hotel booking platform; and TSM, an esports organization. But on investing in CBD and gambling, Curry says “No.”

“With CBD, that to me is more of a brand decision,” Barr told Yahoo Finance last week.

“That’s Stephen, he’s family first. He’s got three kids, and it’s not that we want to manufacture a brand. That’s just who he is. While he’s playing as an athlete, we would avoid betting too. Betting would be another one that we would stay away from — from a brand perspective. Those don’t help in any shape or form…but I do think gambling is super interesting.”

Apart from gambling and cannabis investments, SC30 is also not investing in blockchain. Barr understands and appreciates what blockchain is, but he doesn’t see any “practical” use for it.

“So it’s like, I understand why this is better, like, great, there’s blockchain fantasy football. Okay, well, I can go on Yahoo. And like, put 20 bucks in and it’s super easy. Why would I? Why would I do something differently?”

Investments in medical technology and “life sciences” is also a field Curry and Barr wouldn’t touch as Curry only invests in ideas he can relate to or has a passion for and ideas bringing beneficial change.
On the company’s website, it states: “Disrupt culture, transform lives and ruin the game,”a tagline representative of an investment philosophy that stems from the criticisms on Curry’s style of play that forever changed the game of basketball. That is why Stephen Curry is not and will never be a fan of investing in Blockchain and CBD Startups.

Laura Peters

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