First ever CBD manufacture to partner up with USA Triathlon

Yes, you heard it here first. CBD manufacture Pure Spectrum, which is based out of Evergreen, Colorado is partnering up with the USA Triathlon. Pure Spectrum is already known for sponsoring more than 100 professional athletes throughout the sports industry today. The sports industry can be a wise investment for natural CBD based products. With athletes pushing themselves to the limits, and beyond. This will be a big new world for athletes and CBD to work together with great benefits.

As more and more athletes become aware of the benefits of using CBD for its natural benefits. While experiencing many forms of pain they endure under these intense physical activities. Recovery and pain relief is also a focus for them. While performing at peak levels of their athleticism there is the afterthought of recovery with post-performance. You want to seek quick recoveries while reducing the levels of pains you might be experiencing. Lower the pain levels will mean the quicker they can bounce back into action.

Over the past few years, the FDA has been slowly approving more CBD products that can be used for medicinal purposes. The benefits of CBD use are still increasing each day. Pure Spectrum is also committed to crafting the highest quality hemp-derived products possible. With them taking no shortcuts when it comes to their strict farming methods, to their processing, extensive formulating and product testing. It’s also good to know that Pure Spectrum uses strict third-party testing and protocols to assure their products are as pure as possible for their customers.

With more national sports groups like the NFL, FIFA, NBA, NHL for example. They are starting to become aware of the benefits of CBD. How it’s helping their athletes with recovery and pain reduction. As of right now, we can see that the USA Triathlon and Pure Spectrum CBD will be partnered up through 2023. A much brighter future for athletes and CBD.

Laura Peters

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