Tyler Skaggs Death Bring Fourth Possible Changes for the MLB

After the death of the beloved Tyler Skaggs, there has been much controversy of what will happen concerning drug testing with the MLB players. Ever since the autopsy report reported alcohol and opioid in his system, there has been a lot of discussion about how there may be changes to their drug regulation to help deal with pain from players hard performance out on the field.

One of those changes may be the use of CBD. With the FDA statement about how cannabis not being federally illegal anymore, it is very well plausible to use CBD to deal with pain. However, it must be regulated by medical physicians. Just to mainly make sure that the CBD is properly monitored amongst the players within the MLB. Whether or not the MLB will address this is still unknown. The use of CBD may still be wary for the league organizers. Though, the players are certainly looking forward to the changes.

With little information known, it is hard to say with what the MLB will do next. Especially since the situation with Tyler Skaggs has certainly brought on much discussion within the baseball community, both with players and fans alike. We may expect news about it sometime in the future. We can expect that there will be some form of discussion while the Angels honor their lost player, Tyler Skaggs; while also in hopes that the MLB make some changes to ensure the safety of the fellow members of the players and future players as well.

Laura Peters

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