People Joining in On the CBD Craze

The CBD bandwagon is maintaining itself with celebrities like Kylie Jenner coming in at #7 on Instagram although her sister Kim is a #6 above her. CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis that is legal in a broader sense of that term and has become very much available on the market. Hemp-derived products such as CBD are no longer forced under restrictive rules that the 2018 Farm Bill constructed. Even companies like CVS and Walgreens, on the Fortune 500, have joined the CBD bandwagon by offering up products for consumers containing CBD. Health stores, vape shops and other, smaller retailers are also in on this, because they have products too.

Influencers who recommend such products are also making money off of the CBD oil craze. Happy Tea CEO Michael Gonzalez started his own company and tried to figure out how to get influencers to scale his products. Kylie Jenner is a huge name in the influencer industry because of her huge audience that she has spent many years cultivating. Happy Tea has been a venture that CEO Michael Gonzalez had to replicate with Fit Tea, a detox beverage company that he had started in 2013. Happy Tea helped him recover from his divorce anxiety problem that the divorce triggered.

He had no idea how quickly he would be able to meet celebrities since most of Kim’s family including Kyle, Kourtney, Kendall, and Khloe were marketing his products. CBD may still be illegal in some places where medical or recreational marijuana is legal. CBD is a legal product these days found not just in tea, but in coffee too, because of the 2018 Farm Bill that had an effect on canceling legal restrictions on CBD. Marijuana has some recognized benefits when it fights the side effects of cancer chemotherapy.

In the United States, marijuana is both loved and vilified in equal measure. There are many programs out there for doctors to learn how to prescribe or teach patients how to use CBD oil and medical marijuana in general. The University of Connecticut has a new course on how to grow hemp products for harvesting CBD, a plant that has been cultivated on this planet for 12,000 years, one of the oldest plants ever kept around until the present day. In the present, we are certainly fond of finding ways of growing marijuana. Cannabis can take away many different types of pain.

Happy Tea is a huge trailblazer of a company that provides many different flavors of Happy Tea, such as Lemon Zen, Mixed Berry or even Punch. One stick a day has benefits to consumer’s health. CBD oil does not contain active properties that cause the marijuana-related high. Instagram is a massive vehicle for celebrities to post their experiences with various CBD products that worked. Happy Tea has recently closed a $6 million dollar Series A funding, which he will then follow up with another $6 million since he is taking the company public in December. 1

Happy Tea

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