CBD: Fighting Anxiety, Pain, and Bacteria?

CBD oil has enjoyed a rise in popularity for it’s many uses. People with differing ailments commend CBD for their relief but still there may be another use for it. Can CBD actual aid in the growing fear of superbugs?

Superbugs have been on the minds of medical professionals for years. Imagine being ill and all the medicine in the world cannot help because these bacteria have grown so resistant. The have increased their resistance to drugs because people take them unnecessarily or at the wrong dosage. CBD has been seen to make them vulnerable again.

CBD has been found to prevent certain bacteria from making outer membrane vesicles. These vesicles are what help bacteria transport nutrients that build their defenses against antibiotics. CBD was added to a slide of E. Coli and observed to have a reducing effect on the production of these vesicles. Upon more research it was found that CBD had a stronger affect on thicker celled bacteria.

Thicker celled bacteria are also known as being gram positive. These gram positive bacteria produce fewer numbers and types of vesicles than the gram negative bacteria. Now despite having a stronger affect on the thick celled bacteria the CBD oil did have an affect on the gram negative bacteria.

More research is needed on this subject. It has been seen that CBD oil used in conjunction with antibiotics is more effective than antibiotics alone. Without further research on CBD oil and how it can aid in the growing fear of a antibiotic resistant superbug we may never know if CBD oil could be the answer. Considering new antibiotics haven’t been made in decades we as people must find a solution and explore all options, including CBD oil.

Kristen Bell Comes Out Pro CBD

Celebrity Kristen Bell finally reveals to the public that she uses CBD Oil for her mental health. Nowadays, using CBD Oil as a treatment for different ailments has become increasingly acceptable, thanks to people like Kristen Bell. It wasn’t until recently that she gained enough courage to go public about her anxiety and depression, and she hopes that in doing so, more people will realize the importance of expressing themselves without being publicly shamed or criticized.
Kristen Bell isn’t the first person to put on a façade. Anyone whos ever suffered from anxiety or depression has tried to disguise it in some way or another. Some people hide away while others, such as Kristen Bell, mask it with an upbeat and bubbly personality. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If more people are courageous enough to show their vulnerability, more people will gain access to the help they need. Kristen Bell encourages the use of various tools to cope with anxiety and depression including SSRI antidepressants, CBD Oil, exercise, and nutrition. She says, “I can’t tell you how susceptible I am to it—I just want to try everything.”
With every passing day, more and more celebrities are going public about their use of CBD Oil and how they incorporate it into their daily health regimen as a tool to help balance their general mental state. The rise in awareness about the commonality of anxiety and depression will hopefully shed light on the benefits CBD Oil can have.

Carson Palmer Joins a Long List of Athletes Benefiting from CBD

The list of athletes recognizing the benefits of CBD continues to grow. The latest athlete to begin reaping cannabidiol’s many great benefits is three-time Pro Bowler and Heisman trophy winner Carson Palmer.

A former quarterback who played fifteen years for the Bengals, Raiders, and Cardinals, Carson Palmer certainly knows what pain feels like. He’s recently discovered the amazing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities that CBD can offer. He’s attributed CBD’s restorative qualities to allowing him to sleep better, to get up easier in the morning, and most importantly, to keep up with his young children.

Carson Palmer certainly isn’t the only athlete who’s discovered CBD. Professional sports can be quite hard on the body, and while some sports organizations have been somewhat apprehensive toward CBD, Carson Palmer states that it’s already in every NFL and MLB lockerroom.

Nonaddictive and safe, there’s no better choice than CBD when it comes to relieving the daily aches and pains that we all feel. CBD isn’t a drug, and unlike powerful prescription pain-killers, it doesn’t carry a long list of dangerous side effects. CBD products come in many forms and can be taken orally or topically. In Carson Palmer’s particular case, he prefers to apply it as a cream to the areas of his body where he’s feeling pain and stiffness.

If anyone knows pain, it’s a professional athlete like Carson Palmer. There aren’t many people out there who’ve taken as many hits as he has, and you can rest assured that in his long career, he’s tried every pain remedy on the market. It’s no wonder why professional athletes like Carson Palmer are turning in droves to CBD for the treatment of chronic pain; it works!

Motus Active Three New CBD Products

Motus Active is a fitness supplement company dedicated to giving only the best to their customers. Very recently, they have acquired some new CBD products made exclusively from U.S.-grown hemp.

Unlike a lot of other supplements, CBD carries extremely low to no risks of side effects. This is because CBD, when it doesn’t contain THC, very closely matches the human body system.

Once the Hemp Farming Act was established, Motus went straight to work on providing their customers with clean and more natural products. They have very recently launched their first three CBD-related products, The Power Freeze Roll-On, the Body Blend Capsules, and the Power Drop Isolate.

The Capsules contain B-Vitamins, Creatine, and BCAA. They are designed to alleviate pain, swelling and cramping. The capsules are also made to improve focus and recovery as well as stimulate muscle growth.

The Isolate helps to prevent as well as alleviate pain and cramping. It is also designed to improve focus, energy, and performance.

The Freeze Roll-On contains menthol, which produces its cooling effect as an alleviation for pain. It is a great for treating injuries but is not designed to prevent.

Motus Active’s customers range from the occasional gym user to prize champions. They say that most of their customers are more conscientious than ever of what they put in their bodies and that it’s the main reason that they have always strived to make their products as natural as possible. It is also very understandable that they want to help their customers stay active as naturally as possible.

Life Time to Help with CBD for Pain

The Life Time Resort which is a luxury resort and retreated has one of the best health centers and gyms for its guests. Members will pay this company for access o the saunas, pools, lounges, exercise equipment, and other fitness areas. There is also a weight loss program. Life Time Resorts wants to help a person get into their best shape.
When a person joins Life Time Resorts they will get a personalized fitness plan. People that work out often experience pain and soreness. Some people turn to prescriptions to help with this pain. These prescriptions can harm the body and may lead to additional health issues.
The resort is now offering CBD as an alternative to people with pain. The CBD is all-natural and can be used in many different forms including oils, capsules, and even gummies.
Life Time has partnered with the cbdMD company to offer this treatment to all of its members. The members will be able to use CBD as part of their wellness program and to help with the pain they may feel from working out. This partnership will make sure there are enough CBD products for all members that want to use them.
Life Time has locations all around the country and member costs vary from $30 a month to access the equipment to over $200 a month for a custom plan and VIP services.
Life Time is one of the first facilities to offer CBD for the pain to their clients. Based on the results of this effort and the number of people that use the CBD other fitness centers may begin to offer CBD products as well.

Why some pet owners are turning to CBD to treat their ailing animals

There are several reasons why some pet owners are turning to CBD to treat their ailing animals.


The first reason is that it helps with any of the pets that might be stressed out. This is going to include any of the symptoms of noise anxiety or separation anxiety. The CBD oil is going to target the pet’s endocannabinoid system to control the emotions in the body. This is something that is the same no matter what type of animal that you have. This system is made out of spaced out receptors that can communicate to make sure that body is balanced.


The second reason is that it can help to relieve some of the chronic pain and inflammation that the pet might be suffering from. The same receptors that help the body to relieve some of the anxiety inside of the body can also help when the pet has any type of damage to their nerves, an injury, and inflammation. Therefore, if you have a senior pet, then there is a good chance that the vet is going to recommend the CBD oil. It can help to make sure that the pet feel better and stay active.


The third reason is that it can increase the pet’s appetite and fights nausea. It is very important that a healthy pet has the right food and nutrients. This is going to be especially true if the pet is battling with a serious illness. The food and nutrients is something that will give the pet the strength to fight back. There are some health conditions that can shut down the appetite that the pet once had. If the pet is not able to eat, then they will be weak and become vulnerable to the damage of the illness.


The fourth reason is the brain health that it can give to pets that are aging. This means that it can help to support the normal functions of the cells and promote healthy aging through the mitochondrial support. This means that it can help to stop some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It can also help with the antipsychotic, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-nausea.


The fifth reason is that the CBD oil is nontoxic and it is not going to make your pet high when you give it to them. It only has a lot bit of the THC inside of it. There are a lot of therapeutic properties of the CBD oil.


The sixth reason is that it is 100 percent legal in 50 states. This is because it is known as medical marijuana in all of these states. But you are going to need to make sure that you are getting the right thing if you order this product online. There is a chance that some of these companies are going to try to sell you something that might be illegal for you to have. This means that the product might also be dangerous for your pet.

Park Ridge Shop Owner Wants the Public to Understand that CBD is About Wellness Not Getting High

In the past few years, Hemp CBD shops have popped up all over the country in an effort to help their customers provide relief from a variety of ailments, particularly aches and pains. With the relaxation and repeal of anti-marijuana laws, shop owners and store clerks find themselves fielding many questions about CBD’s relationship to marijuana. Olga Ochisor at Hemp CBD Wellness in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago, IL is no stranger to these types of questions.

Ochisor wants customers and the general public to understand, that for her and the growing number of users of CBD oil and CBD products, it is about feeling better and staying healthy, not about getting high. CBD oil, which is derived from hemp only contains small amounts of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. And while most CBD users understand this, members of the general public are not always as informed. In fact, the Park Ridge store was referred to as a marijuana dispensary by the zoning and planning commission in nearby Niles, IL.

Ochisor and her business partner Avi Thakor have stressed that they are not in the marijuana business and have no plans to become a dispensary, even though marijuana will be become legalized in the state on January 1st. She laments that most people do not understand the difference between cannabis and hemp, and only see the large green leaf above the sign on the store.

The Park Ridge store is a perfect example of a sign that attitudes towards CBD, hemp, and marijuana are shifting. Ochisor and Thakor were warned against setting up shop in such a conservative town, but the more people argued that it would never succeed there, there more she was determined to open her store in Park Ridge. Despite all the hesitation, the reaction to a dispensary has been much different and much better than she expected. People have been overwhelmingly positive in their response, according to Ochisor. She did have to spend time educating the staff on the difference between hemp and marijuana, but otherwise business has been thriving.

CBD shops have become relatively easy to set up in the last few years. Cites usually don’t require a special permit. Because CBD is not regulated by the FDA, as it is considered a supplement, there is also little worry about inspectors or other oversight. That means that customers need to educate themselves on what they are taking, but most stores including Hemp CBD Wellness, pride themselves on their knowledge of CBD.

Olivia Alexander from Actress to CBD Entrepreneur

Olivia Alexander, born Olivia Usey, is known as a dancer, actress, and a singer. She was born in Louisiana on May 17, 1988. Prior to becoming the Kush Queen, Alexander appeared in commercials like Ultra Gain Detergent and Little Debbie’s Snack Cake.

Alexander’s experience in fame and social media gave her confidence and the ability to cultivate an audience. In Louisiana, Olivia Alexander spent her youth competing in beauty pageants and dance contests. Since her childhood, Alexander wanted to become a Hollywood star. At age 13, Olivia Alexander and her family moved to Santa Clarita, Calif. Shortly after moving to Santa Clarita, Alexander quickly acquired an agent and went on auditions.

Olivia Alexander’s parents were high school sweethearts, and they were proud of her from the day she was born. Like many of today’s entertainers, Alexander was looking for a business outside of the entertainment business to invest in and build up her nest egg. Today, Olivia Alexander owns a 6,300 square foot Anaheim business called the Kush Queen. After four years with Kush Queen, Alexander seems to prefer being an entrepreneur to being an actress. Alexander has her own cannabinoid line. CDB and THC infused pain lotion body wash and personal lubricants are included in the cannabinoid line. The 31-year-old is marketing bath bombs that are infusing essential oils that disintegrate when in contact with water. Thanks to Proposition 64 that legalized the use of CBD, the market for CBD had skyrocketed in 2018. Olivia Alexander knew CBD was good idea.

Prior to starting her CBD business, Alexander worked at a marijuana dispensary called Green Easy in West Hollywood back in 2007. She left Green Easy after it was robbed and returned to acting. Alexander was a magicians assistant at Magic Castle and was a participant in the show So You Think You Can Dance. All that time, her mind never strayed from her cannibas business idea. Her experience at the cannabis dispensary business taught her that customers are not just people looking to smoke marijuana for recreational purposes. Many people buy marijuana to ease the pain of cancer, handling stress, and handling the effects of many disabilities. Olivia Alexander’s dream was about to com true at a party in 2013.

Olivia Alexander was photographed next to Kelly Osbourne who was smoking a jeweled vape pen. People started contacting Osbourne on Instagram to buy her gem decorated vape pen. The gem decorated vape was life changing experience for Alexander. Olivia Alexander went to see her father and tell him that she found the business she’d been looking for. Alexander told her father she needed $700 from him, so she could sell vape pens, Swarovski crystal sunglasses, and more in a business she was going to call Crystal Cult. The $700 online company generated $6,000.

Innovative Stiletto Cream

This new breakout success with an innovative CBD based Stiletto Cream. Which is the brainchild from world-known shoe czar Tamara Mellon and Lord Jones. With the legalized world market with CBD products. Which is expecting to reach $166 billion by the year 2025. The USDA has been approving these products and uses for these rapidly growing industries. The multiple uses for these demands range from anywhere to edibles to hygiene.

So, of course, it makes sense for it now to be in a foot creme for all of those aching feet out there. The FDA still doesn’t support any clinical claims yet, but that is no reason to stop trying how CBD can benefit you and your health. People are in constant search for more non-chemical based products for more organic and herbal healing before the days of modern medicines.

Imagine all the miles we walk in shoes that aren’t comfortable. We are wearing them because they look cool, or designer shoes so that we can brag about them. Imagine how sore or hurt your feet are at the end of the day after wearing them? Now imagine that you used this stiletto cream, and after a few days of using it, the results were your feet not hurting as much as they did before, or even being less sore the last time you wore those shoes? Wouldn’t we all agree about the importance of the health of our feet? No matter what most of us do in life, our feet get us to where we are going, and they get us back home.

Maybe, just maybe Tamara Mellon and Lord Jones have created a home run that can be very beneficial to us all. It never hurts to learn more about something new. Maybe even gives it a try after reading people’s testimonies since they have used it.

Nano-Liposome is the Most Effective Way to Use CBD

A recent study has shown that nano-liposome is the best way to use CBD and the most effective. Since CBD has become popular with the mainstream audience it is important to understand how to use it properly.
CBD became popular once the Farm Bill was passed in 2018 speaking about the positive benefits that CBD offers. CBD was also legalized allowing the sales of several products. Since that time the CBD market conducts sales of $5 billion annually.
The downside to this industry is that the companies that make the CBD for consumers’ use are not regulated by the FDA. The consumer also does not have enough education on CDB. If a person does not understand how CBD works this will lead to a low absorption rate in the body and a person will not see the full benefits. Since CBD Can be found everywhere even in gas stations it is easy for consumers to get confused about how to use it and miss out on some of the positive effects.
Researchers have been investigating the best way to use CBD to see the full effects. they have found that nano-liposome delivery is the most effective method. This method is not a pill and is not oil. It is a suspension of bubbles like shapes that contain fatty acids and pure CBD. This method will allow the body to absorb up to 80 percent of the CBD. This will allow a person to see a bigger impact and feel more of the positive effects. Scientists have spent millions of dollars checking out this process and have found it to be the most effective. There is research to back up this method and is no based on just a claim.
The product is being marketed as RESET Balance. It comes in a neutral flavorless product or one that is flavored with peppermint. The bubble-like items are placed under the tongue which makes it easy for the body to absorb. There are only 5 calories in a tablespoon and it is low in fat. The company has spent a lot of time and money researching CBD in the nano-liposome form so that the consumer can see the biggest benefit from using CBD.