Motus Active Three New CBD Products

Motus Active is a fitness supplement company dedicated to giving only the best to their customers. Very recently, they have acquired some new CBD products made exclusively from U.S.-grown hemp.

Unlike a lot of other supplements, CBD carries extremely low to no risks of side effects. This is because CBD, when it doesn’t contain THC, very closely matches the human body system.

Once the Hemp Farming Act was established, Motus went straight to work on providing their customers with clean and more natural products. They have very recently launched their first three CBD-related products, The Power Freeze Roll-On, the Body Blend Capsules, and the Power Drop Isolate.

The Capsules contain B-Vitamins, Creatine, and BCAA. They are designed to alleviate pain, swelling and cramping. The capsules are also made to improve focus and recovery as well as stimulate muscle growth.

The Isolate helps to prevent as well as alleviate pain and cramping. It is also designed to improve focus, energy, and performance.

The Freeze Roll-On contains menthol, which produces its cooling effect as an alleviation for pain. It is a great for treating injuries but is not designed to prevent.

Motus Active’s customers range from the occasional gym user to prize champions. They say that most of their customers are more conscientious than ever of what they put in their bodies and that it’s the main reason that they have always strived to make their products as natural as possible. It is also very understandable that they want to help their customers stay active as naturally as possible.

Laura Peters

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