Olivia Alexander from Actress to CBD Entrepreneur

Olivia Alexander, born Olivia Usey, is known as a dancer, actress, and a singer. She was born in Louisiana on May 17, 1988. Prior to becoming the Kush Queen, Alexander appeared in commercials like Ultra Gain Detergent and Little Debbie’s Snack Cake.

Alexander’s experience in fame and social media gave her confidence and the ability to cultivate an audience. In Louisiana, Olivia Alexander spent her youth competing in beauty pageants and dance contests. Since her childhood, Alexander wanted to become a Hollywood star. At age 13, Olivia Alexander and her family moved to Santa Clarita, Calif. Shortly after moving to Santa Clarita, Alexander quickly acquired an agent and went on auditions.

Olivia Alexander’s parents were high school sweethearts, and they were proud of her from the day she was born. Like many of today’s entertainers, Alexander was looking for a business outside of the entertainment business to invest in and build up her nest egg. Today, Olivia Alexander owns a 6,300 square foot Anaheim business called the Kush Queen. After four years with Kush Queen, Alexander seems to prefer being an entrepreneur to being an actress. Alexander has her own cannabinoid line. CDB and THC infused pain lotion body wash and personal lubricants are included in the cannabinoid line. The 31-year-old is marketing bath bombs that are infusing essential oils that disintegrate when in contact with water. Thanks to Proposition 64 that legalized the use of CBD, the market for CBD had skyrocketed in 2018. Olivia Alexander knew CBD was good idea.

Prior to starting her CBD business, Alexander worked at a marijuana dispensary called Green Easy in West Hollywood back in 2007. She left Green Easy after it was robbed and returned to acting. Alexander was a magicians assistant at Magic Castle and was a participant in the show So You Think You Can Dance. All that time, her mind never strayed from her cannibas business idea. Her experience at the cannabis dispensary business taught her that customers are not just people looking to smoke marijuana for recreational purposes. Many people buy marijuana to ease the pain of cancer, handling stress, and handling the effects of many disabilities. Olivia Alexander’s dream was about to com true at a party in 2013.

Olivia Alexander was photographed next to Kelly Osbourne who was smoking a jeweled vape pen. People started contacting Osbourne on Instagram to buy her gem decorated vape pen. The gem decorated vape was life changing experience for Alexander. Olivia Alexander went to see her father and tell him that she found the business she’d been looking for. Alexander told her father she needed $700 from him, so she could sell vape pens, Swarovski crystal sunglasses, and more in a business she was going to call Crystal Cult. The $700 online company generated $6,000.

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