Traveling with CBD Products

CBD products may be safe to use but it is not always safe to travel with these products. These are some travel laws regarding CBD and regulations determining if they are allowed on specific trips.
According to information from the Transportation Security Administration CBD was not allowed. There is a new rule that if the product contains less than 0.3% THC then a person may travel with it. Many people wonder how TSA workers are going to determine if a product has less than 3% THC. They can read the label but this will take a long time and hold up lines.
There are some other laws regarding hemp that vary from state to state. If it is legal in one state it does not mean that it is legal in another. Before traveling with CBD products these are some things to consider.
The TSA agents are looking for weapons and they do not often examine the contents of personal care items.
If the label on the product is not clear it should be requested from the manufacturer.
The rules for CBD Still vary from state to state. Some states are stricter about the CBD products and people that travel with these products may run into trouble.
CBD is different than other consumer products. There are still conflicting laws regarding these products. There is no clear answer when it comes to traveling with CBD. A person may have their items confiscated or they may be held at the airport. They can also be detained until the matter is resolved.
Experts recommend leaving the CBD product at home and purchase it once the destination is reached. It is up to the individual if they want to travel with these products. There are no clear laws that make this a complicated situation.

Laura Peters

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