UK government issues CBD warning for travelers

Laws can vary widely by country. That was highlighted earlier this month when British officials issued a travel warning for one part of the world regarding what has become a popular ingredient in many products.

Cannabidiol, which is more commonly known as CBD, has become popular in many countries in recent years. However, that has not been the case everywhere around the globe. The British government recently warned travelers to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) against bringing CBD products with them.

In Europe and the United States, CBD has been incorporated into a wide variety of products; this has been due, in large part, to their touted anti-inflammatory properties. These products are legal as long as they do not exceed a certain level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the chemical in cannabis that provides the psychoactive properties that give users a high.

In the UAE, however, there are extremely strict drug laws. These extend to products such as soaps and mascara with CBD. Even a small amount of THC could lead to, at minimum, a four-year prison sentence in the Emirates.

Even transiting passengers may face arrest

Just because a traveler is not carrying any CBD products with him or her, however, does not mean a worry-free trip. The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) warned that the UAE also counts having even trace amounts of a substance in one's blood stream as possession.

Even for those who are just passing through in transit to another country have to be wary as well. The FCO cautioned that even transiting passengers may face arrest if even residual amounts of a substance illegal in the UAE was detected.

Laura Peters

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